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3D Property Value Visualization:
     Orange County, NC      
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Land Use Revenues:
    Comparative Statistics
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Joe Minicozzi, AICP    
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TOD Revenue Analysis:
    Mountain View, CA      

“Helping people make insanely great communities by visualizing the economic patterns hiding in plain sight.”


Urban3 utilizes metadata techniques and urban design analytic methods to provide a unique and practical perspective on urban economics. Our approach focuses on bridging the gap between econometric analysis, public policy, and urban design.

New Perspectives

Our work has been featured in numerous national conferences as a paradigm shift in city planning. Joe Minicozzi, AICP is nationally renowned for the Urban3 method, in addition to his ability to bridge collaboration and connections across professional silos.

Lasting Results

Our clients include nonprofits, regional governments, towns, cities, and real estate developers. Urban3’s unique approach has helped these agencies shift their perception of urban design and their community’s fiscal performance.